The colour configurator is very easy to use - just select the Backgammon class you require e.g. "Contemporary Class" and then select the tab below for the leather style within that class. Then as you click down the left-hand menu through the various parts of the Backgammon board, a window will open offering you the various leather/materials available and your Backgammon will be coloured in accordingly. Once finished you can select any of 4 views: open 90 degrees, stowage detail, open flat and closed. You can also save various combinations to your computer and you can edit any part at any time. Please note that we have tried hard to replicate our leathers as best we can via a digital format, so do request a physical swatch to be sent to you, so that you can have the leathers in front of you to confirm your design is as you require. As with all custom items, we cannot accept responsibility for colour combinations created not being liked in reality. We hope you enjoy building your unique combination.